The Global Enterprise: Social Scientists and Their Work around the World

There are approximately 200 nations on the face of the earth and right now, social science is being practiced in every one of them. How much of the global enterprise is known to US social scientists?  Through an analysis of and commentary on 26 separate research studies, each focused on a different topic, discipline, methodology and national context, the book provides a fascinating depiction of the scope of the global social science enterprise in the world today.  From remittances of Filipino workers back to their families to efforts at historical preservation in the People’s Republic of China, from the post-transition development of agriculture in Hungary to the sexual abuse of children in New Zealand, from earthquake research in Japan to network jihadi terrorism, The Global Enterprise is both fascinating and informative to anyone interested in what the social science disciplines have to contribute to contemporary social trends and developments.

How have Muslims accommodated to life in Western societies?  What were the demographic consequences of the First World War?  What are the economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of hosting a cruise ship terminal?  Has the situation of Honduran street children improved in the past two decades?  Has NAFTA been the economic disaster it is made out to be in contemporary political discourse?  What is the state of public health in Africa?  If these are the kinds of questions you find intriguing, or the sorts of things you would like your students to be informed about, then you owe The Global Enterprise a serious look.

“…truly impressive. Each chapter is full of useful, interesting information and nuggets…very informative; topics very timely…” – Dr. Liz Grauerholz, University of Central Florida

The Global Enterprise: Social Scientists and Their Work around the World is forthcoming in 2018 from Routledge Publishers, a division of Taylor and Francis.